High Purity Alumina (HPA) manufacturer Polar Sapphire changes name to Polar Performance Materials and launches new website (www.polarpm.com).

Oakville, ON: Polar Performance Materials has rebranded and launched a new website to better serve customers seeking HPA products worldwide. The new company name and website highlight Polar’s capabilities in sapphire, battery, semiconductor, and technical ceramics markets.

The North American manufacturer based in Ontario will continue offering industry-leading, ultra-high-purity HPA products based on its patented process, including:

  • High Purity Alpha Alumina Powder: Polar Performance Materials’ 3N to 5N HPA powders with consistent purity, particle size and other performance criteria can be tailored to meet specific performance requirements in aerospace, medical, semiconductor, cutting tool and other technical ceramics applications.
  • 5N High Density Pellets: Polar’s HPA pellets are a vital feedstock component for growing single crystal sapphire across a variety of growth methods. These 5N high density pellets are manufactured with reduced contaminants, and tailored shapes to maximize throughput and reduce micro-bubbles. Polar’s pellets increase sapphire performance for LEDs, semiconductor wafers, and optical applications.
  • 5N High Purity Beads: Polar’s high purity beads are created with a focus on strict process control for continuous-feed sapphire growth systems. Their lower, consistent surface area helps improve flowability,  yields, and throughput.

“Our new name and website better describe the unique capabilities that we offer. We are leaders in the alumina industry and our cost-effective HPA products are tailored for use in nearly all high-performance applications that need consistent quality and excellent purity,” said Hap Hewes, CEO of Polar Performance Materials.

Polar Performance Materials uses a patented, innovative manufacturing process that allows the company to simply and efficiently produce top-quality HPA cost effectively with lower emissions and higher yields. This approach helps customers benefit from a superior product, as well as meet their own energy reduction and carbon footprint reduction goals.

Beginning in 2012, Polar made a name for itself with its novel approach to produce HPA cost effectively. In 2018, the company launched pilot production and has built a client base in the sapphire, battery, semiconductor, and technical ceramics markets. In 2021, Polar began construction on its first commercial-scale production facility in Oakville, Ontario.

Contact Polar Performance Materials for more information, or to make a general inquiry about their products and services.

About Polar Performance Materials

Polar Performance Materials has developed a breakthrough process for manufacturing the world’s highest-purity and lowest-cost High Purity Alumina (HPA). HPA is a critical specialty material for green technologies such as LEDs, lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, aerospace, and industrial applications. Polar has a much lower-emission process compared to incumbent alumina production processes. The company manufactures its ultra-high-purity HPA products in Oakville, Ontario. For more information on Polar Performance Materials, visit www.polarpm.com.

Contact: Adrian Cecil
Polar Performance Materials
+1 (905) 362-5401

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